Totally About Diabetes is a client centered program. You, the client, will be educated about diabetes and how it affects your entire body. You will be educated using best practices, based on evidence-based principles. The program will include healthy eating habits with meal planning and eating out recommendations along with tips on how to modify the eating plan to help you reach your desired goal. An exercise plan is also a part of the program. The goal is to have your diabetes under control by using the tools and information you have received.


Health coaching is the next step in the process. After receiving the education, you are now ready to work with the coach in constructing your personalized plan. You are empowered because you are the co-author of the plan.  You are now accountable to the coach for following the plan. Consistency is key to a successful outcome. That is where the coach will assist in keeping you on track.


Totally About Diabetes does not replace your health care provider.  Totally About Diabetes does not prescribe medication. We will work with your health care provider as needed. We do focus on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The holistic approach of our program considers your family, home, and work environment as vital to you being successful in achieving your goals.


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